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Byron Jarvis, Real Estate Agent

I am originally from Orlando but spent most of my formative years in Southwest Florida in the Gulf Coast town of Fort Myers, also known as the City of Palms. It was a great place to grow up, to make friends, and to develop many of the interests that I have enjoyed even into adulthood. While there, I pursued a love of music, which included playing the violin, singing, and the guitar. Living in Florida always afforded us the opportunity of spending a great deal of time outdoors and on the water. Thus, we enjoyed fishing, swimming, water skiing, inner-tubing, hanging out at the beach, playing Frisbee, volleyball, and sandlot football or baseball. I was always active in church and it was there that I met, fell in love with, and married Linda Dyal. We have been married almost thirty-five years and have been blessed with three amazing children, all living in the Jacksonville area. Our oldest, Brttany, is the only one who is married. She and her husband, Mike, have four children, including triplets born October, 2012. With Linda at my side as my greatest cheerleader, I have served in the ministry as a Youth Pastor and a Senior Pastor for 30+ years. After resigning from a church in the Pensacola area, we moved back to Jacksonville to live with and help take care of Linda's mother. The Real Estate industry has always been of interest to both Linda and me. Her interest was based on her exposure and experience on the legal end of Real Estate transactions and mine was based on the fact that I could build and repair just about anything and felt that we might be able to purchase, repair, and flip houses. Though the market is not able to aggressively support that course of action at present, we feel that it is a tremendous time to get involved in the market and be positioned to take advantage of what will soon be a rebound in the housing industry. While Linda brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our partnership, I bring the people skills necessary to relate to all kinds of people. Because of my years in public church ministry, engaging in speaking opportunities thousands of times as well as participating in thousands of hours of private counseling, I have developed the art of clear communication which will be of enormous benefit for the buyers and sellers we will be working with and for. When it comes to the process of negotiation, I have honed that skill over decades of dealing with committees, proposed budgets, disgruntled church members, conflict resolution, and pre-marital and marriage counseling (not to mention the fact that we have successfully gotten our three children through the teenage years). Here are some additional things I enjoy. I have a great love for animals, especially dogs. We have raised German Shepherds for many, many years (this is the first time in a long time that we are without one) but we currently have a 10 year old American Cocker Spaniel named Sebastian and a Boxer mix (a mutt) that showed up at our door and our son insisted that we adopt. His name is Charlie and he has stolen our hearts. I also love going to Thrift Stores and sometimes Garage Sales. I'm a sucker for a bargain and Linda and I have found some real treasures in places you would not believe. I have stopped on the side of the road (much to the embarrassment of my children, who were often with me) to rescue pieces of furniture, a vacuum cleaner, a television, or just about anything that could be fixed or refinished and used or sold. There are even some rumors (spurious I'm sure) of sightings of me climbing out of a dumpster or two. It's amazing what people throw away. We also love to go bicycling, walk our dogs, read, volunteer with some local outreach ministries through our church, and spend time pouring back into (investing in) the lives of youth and young adults (they will be the leaders of our future). We can ill afford to drop the baton when it comes to handing off the beliefs, values, and work ethic that will be so vital to this most valuable of all resources, the next generation. Developing a thriving Real Estate business gives us both the financial security that we need for our family as well as the flexibility of being our own bosses (independent contractors). By being affiliated with Watson Realty Corp. REALTORS, we experience the best of both worlds. We can control our own schedule and select those whom we desire to work with and at the same time have the backing of the amazing resources that only Watson Realty Corp. REALTORS brings to the table. When purchasing, whether you are a first time homebuyer, relocating, moving up to your next home, or a seasoned investor, we will help you find the perfect home, and we will handle every detail of your transaction. When selling, we will provide you with a current market analysis which will enable you to establish a price range to bring you top dollar in current market conditions. We will help you visualize your home as potential homebuyers will view your home so that we can assist you in staging your home to highlight its most effective selling features. As you consider all of your marketing options, let Team Jarvis put "the power of we" to work for you.
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